• Myers Cocktail - Mega B + Nutrient Infusion

Myers Cocktail - Mega B + Nutrient Infusion


The “Myers’ Cocktail” is the gold standard of delivering intravenous vitamins and minerals directly to your bloodstream.  This IV cocktail includes nutrients including high doses of B Vitamins (Hydroxocobalamin <B12>, B-complex <All major B Vitamins>, Pyridoxine <B6>, Dexpanthenol <B5>, Ascorbic Acid <Vitamin C>, Calcium and Magnesium). These nutrients are balanced perfectly for people new to IV nutrition, for those needing a quick boost and for those people with compromised GI systems. 

Glutathione can be added at the end of the Myers' infusion for a powerful antioxidant boost. This is helpful in a variety of conditions associated with oxidative damage. It can support brain health and liver function. And it is a chelator of lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic. It has also been shown in some studies to reduce Parkinson's symptoms.